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How Does Prescription Drug Discount Card Work?

Who pays for the discount offered by the drug discount cards? If you have ever used a discount card or coupon at your pharmacy to save money on your medications, you are probably asking the same question. How is this possible? You normally pay $50 for your amlodipine but now with your HelpRx card or Community Assistance drug discount card, your price is now $12. Somebody must be providing this charity right? The answer is no. Prescription drug discount card is not a charity but a business practice that benefits all participating parties. To explain how this works, it will be necessary to list all the participating parties in transaction that takes place at pharmacy. First is the patient. When a medication is prescribed to a patient without prescription drug insurance, the patient is left with many dilemmas. Pay the high price of the medication and sacrifice elsewhere, skip the medications all together because of the price, or something in between like buy some of the pills and take it as needed. As a patient in chain pharmacy like CVS or Walgreens, you can’t haggle on price because they don’t have a provision for that. You either accept the high cash price they quote you or leave. It is that simple. But with Rx discount cards; there is a way out for both parties. Pharmacy is the next participant in the transaction. Pharmacies are in business to make money.

That is their goal. Loosing patient who can’t afford their medications or not taking their medications as prescribe because of price is not good business either. So how can they offer help to people that need the help without cannibalizing their bottom line? Answer is drug discount card. So how does it work? Most of the big savings scored with drug discount cards are generally generic medications because of their large profit margin. Contrary to popular belief, prescription generic medications are cheap, dirty cheap. Drug Insurance companies pay pharmacy really low price for medication because of the volume of their patient but cash paying patients are charged extra ordinary high price. By PDM ( drug insurance company) offering this discount card, patients using the card will benefit from the cloud of many patients using the same card. In order words, it pays to stick together. Pharmacies across the country will accept this because, 1) first they are used to getting less from the PDM, 2) It is not good business to lose patient you can make profit from, even though it is not as much as what it could have been. It is a win – win situation for all the parties involved. The patient who finds and uses a drug discount gets to save money and be able to take his or her medication as prescribed by the doctor. The pharmacy makes a sale but most importantly gained a patient who will over the course of years be a repeat customer. The PDM also benefit because they are paid by the pharmacies for electronic transaction fee for transmitting claims online.

Although this might be minor, it can add up pretty fast. The PDM also benefit by having more people using their network, this will strength their hand in negotiating new contracts with pharmacy chains. Now that you know how drug discount works, how come everyone that doesn’t have drug coverage is not using it? In order for pharmacies to accept these discount cards, they place certain limitations on it. First is no distribution of cards around pharmacy premises, giving out cards in the pharmacy will erase patients willing and capable of paying the full high price of the medication. Secondly, the advertisements of these cards are limited in scope. No mass media campaign like radio or TV but print ads are allowed. So with these limitations, patients that don’t bother looking will continue to pay high cost while patients that really want to save money on their medication will have a choice.

Save Money With Discount Prescription Drug Plans

Discount prescription drug plans are a new wave for consumers to save on their medications. We can all agree that prescription drugs are expensive enough as it is. Our family budget is already stretched to the limit. There is no reason we should be paying more than what we have to for our drug prescriptions. There are discount prescription drug plans out there that are bulked together and you can purchase supplemental discount plans and receive discounts on dental, vision, prescription and chiropractic. With these plans you can see how the savings multiply.

Major retail chain pharmacies are participating in these discount medication plans. The list includes: Walmart, Kmart, Target, Ekert and Walgreens. Make sure you double check that these stores are working with these discount benefits plans. Any individual with limited coverage or without any prescription drug coverage can benefit from a discount prescription benefit plan. Instead of paying full price for prescription drugs, members can save when they purchase their prescriptions.

People, who have insurance coverage, may still find these discount plans very useful as it can discount their prescription drugs not covered by their health plan. Members just show their card at a participating pharmacy and receive substantial discounts on their prescription drugs. Usually twenty-five percent on most brand names and up to fifty percent on most generics, it is that easy.

Drug costs are continuing to rise and are one of the fastest growing health care expenditures. It is growing at nearly three times the rate of other health care costs. One of the ways to lower your prescriptions cost is with a discount prescription drug plan. So whether you are on a fixed income or just need to cut your health care cost, you can save your family money and also receive the best value for your dollar.

Prescription Drug Discount Program

One such plan is the Ameriplan prescription discount program, managed by Medco Health Solutions. The retail pharmacy program will save you money on most prescription drugs at tens of thousands of retail pharmacies nation wide. The prescription home delivery service program will save you money on maintenance type medication that treats chronic health conditions. This program provides you with cost savings and up to date prescription drug monitoring for your protection. Discounts offered through the use of the Ameriplan pharmacy discount card are not insurance and are not intended as a substitute for insurance. You may also participate in and use the mail order service managed by Medco Health Solutions if you take maintenance medications. A maintenance medication is taken regularly to treat acute or chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, ulcers, or diabetes.

Covered Drugs
This program includes most legend drugs which by federal law require a physician’s prescription.

Drug Exclusions
Over the counter drugs and non prescription drugs are not included in the program.

Generic Drug Savings
A generic drug is the chemical copy of a brand name prescription drug. On average, generic drugs cost about fifty percent less than brand name drugs and like their brand name counterparts they are:

– Dispensed in the same dosage.

– Taken in the same way.

– Packaged in the same unit strength.

Prescription Monitoring
Occasionally a prescription drug may cause a problem. The problem may be predictable, perhaps avoidable, if your physician and pharmacist are aware of your medical history, current medications and the many different combinations that cause harmful drug reactions.

Factors That Affect Pharmacy Technician Salary Levels

A pharmacy technician’s earnings is contingent upon a lot of factors and not solely on experience. Like any occupation, several things play a role in determining the pay such as a person’s educational level, certification, geographical location and the type of employer he or she is working for.

On average, a person can make between $20,000 to $35,000 per year. Although the figures may vary, generally, one can expect to make around $20,000 when first stating out.

The pharmacy technician salary levels are higher in workplaces such as hospitals, large chain pharmacies, discount stores and supermarket pharmacies.

After all, there is an enormous amount of pressure in these places and there is so much work to be done. Night and weekend shifts will be assigned so the pay would serve to offset the inconvenience the employee goes through.

Compare this with a small pharmacy. Here, the work atmosphere is calmer and friendlier. However, the wage is significantly lower.

Regional differences should also be taken into consideration. States that pay the highest salaries include San Francisco, California, San Jose, Seattle and Washington.

Although there is no formal training that is required, education will play a key in determining wages. Being equipped with a higher level of education may help one advance quicker and make him or her a more attractive job candidate.

The pharmacy technician salary also affect with a certificate which assures an employer that a potential employee has adequate knowledge and understanding of the uses and side effects of medication as well as sufficient familiarity with the laws pertaining to prescriptions.